Be Cool when treating muscle pain  
The pursuit of good health and physical fitness is the wish of many people. And physical exercise is what always goes together with a healthy diet; it can be a weight training program in the gym room, or outdoor exercises like running and swimming. However, people can hurt themselves if they lack the basic knowledge about how to exercise the right way; muscle fatigue, muscle strains, and severe injuries are common consequences. Therefore, we have to exercise our brains whenever we are exercising our limbs.
Causes of sport injury
There are a number of causes of sports injury. People make mistakes because they do not have a good knowledge of the exercises they are doing. The most common mistake when exercising is insufficient warm-up. In many cases, people do a little warm up or even skip it when they think the exercises do not involve a big range of motion, which will increase the risk of injury. In other cases, people simply forget about the cool down after the exercise. The cooling down helps to reduce chances of injury too. Finally, the lack of proper training and over-estimating the ability to do the exercise can cause fatigue and injury.
How to do with sports injury?
What is the immediate and appropriate treatment for sports injuries? First of all, examine the condition of injured area, take the patient to the hospital immediately in case of severe injury. If the injury is a mild one, you may follow the four-step treatment: R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). R stands for Rest – stop using the injured part to avoid worsening of injury. I means Ice – apply ice bag or cold pack around the wound helps to relieve the pain and reduce swelling. C refers to Compression – appropriate compression of an injured area helps to control the injury (not suitable for fractures and severe injuries). Lastly, E is for Elevation – elevate the injured part above the level of the heart which will reduce swelling and pain.
By comparing the nature of each treatment mentioned above, cold treatment is the best method to relieve muscle soreness and tiredness. Biofreeze provides cold therapy, rapidly and effectively soreness of the back and neck, muscle sprains, sports injuries, and tiredness. With the long lasting soreness relieving effect of Biofreeze, the recovery can be more bearable takes a shorter time.
Biofreeze is formulated with ILEX, a South American herbal extract, which results in long lasting, deep penetrating relief of muscle soreness. It is widely used for relief of soreness locally. Biofreeze gives refreshing smell and is safe to use as it contains no waxes, oils or artificial colorings.
In the United States, many medical associations and therapy associations are using Biofreeze including the American Occupational Therapy Association, the California Chiropractic Association, and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. This demonstrates well the reliability and reputation of our product.
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