American Breast Care (ABC) Breast Prosthesis rebuilds the beautiful life of women after surgery  
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in females. In Hong Kong, there are more that 2,000 new cases reported every year. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age; persons over 50 years of age are most at risk.
Today, the figure of breast cancer patient continue to climb, the number of new cases has increased from 1,100 to more than 2,000 between 1992 and 2003, many of the patients are young women. Asian women used to have the lowest breast cancer rates. However, the rate is increasing among Asian women including women in Hong Kong in recent years due to the change in eating habit and living style.
Causes of breast cancer
To date, the exact cause of breast cancer is still an unknown. Persons with a family history of breast cancer, especially mothers and sisters, may have an elevated risk. Statistics from western country showed that women who have not pregnant or have their first childbirth after the age of 30 are at higher risk of getting breast cancer. Other factors like high dietary fat content may also increase the risk. On the contrary, woman who has given breastfeeding for 4 to 6 months during her lifetime has a 20 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer than the one who has never breastfed baby. This may help to explain why modern women have a higher risk as they delay their childbirth or decide not to have children. Even if they have children, they seldom give breastfeeding.
Treatment of breast cancer
When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, a surgical removal of the lump will be recommended depending on the staging and type of the tumor. Generally speaking, the surgery can be divided into two different types: mastectomy (entire breast removal) and partial mastectomy. Most of the patients will choose partial mastectomy for a better breast appearance, but this depends upon the size and location of the breast tumor. After the partial removal surgery, follow-up care including hormonal treatment, chemotherapy, immune therapy, and radiation therapy will be performed in order to reduce the recurrence risk.
Application of breast prosthesis
Many breast cancer patients are fear of having the mastectomy as they think it will damage their appearance and influence their personal lives. Further spread of the cancer is always the result of delayed treatment. In fact, this is tragic misunderstanding. There are some options for follow-up care after the surgery, for instance, a breast reconstruction and a breast prosthesis, with the latter one as a more convenient option.
Each of the ABC breast prosthesis is handcrafted by professional technicians. ABC prosthesis uses enhanced formula of silicone, which gives extra softness and appearance of natural breasts. It helps women to restore natural bodyline and rebuild their confidence and their lives.
In addition to giving a good appearance, there is a practical reason for breast prosthesis. It helps to protect the body properly and to restore body balance. Patients may have abnormal curvature of the spine, shoulder problems, as well as back and neck pains if they do not use any or use a wrong breast prosthesis. So, ABC breast prosthesis is the best solution. The products are manufactured by hand in the U.S., providing a selection of two different shapes made from three high grade silicone formulas designed to fit the different needs and lifestyles of women. Now, contact our professional designer for choosing the most suitable ABC breast prosthesis for yourself.
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