Appeton Weight Gain – the Secret to Gain Weight Healthily  
When most of the people are pursuing a perfect body by losing weight, there is a group of physically “gifted” individuals finding all ways to gain weight. Those are the people who stay thin no matter how much they eat.
There are a number of factors contributing to underweight with genetic factors playing a primary role. For instance, if you come from a family of thin members, you are more likely to have inherited lesser fat genes and a rapid metabolism. Besides, other external factors like unhealthy eating habit, stress, depression, intake of caffeine and nicotine are also the possible causes for underweight. And, the ability our body absorbs nutrients from food decreases as age grows. Weight loss also happens to individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses.
Underweight happens to children who have eating disorders. Eating patterns can be disturbed by digestive system problems and cancer etc. In relation to illnesses, limited appetite is one of the side effects brought by long course of medication to treat illnesses. Besides, other health problems such as depression, unbalanced diet lacking essential vitamins and minerals could result in underweight too. In addition, children’s daily habits are closely related to their body weight. Some bad habits like watching too much TV and spending too much time on computer and video games, will upset the pattern of eating. In modern society, young adolescents are vulnerable to media hype, particularly teenaged girls. They eat less as they mistakenly believe that thinness is the ideal feminine form. In the worst scenarios, the problem could develop into anorexia.
Although underweight is not a fatal health problem, it adversely affects our health. Underweight sounds the alarm that a child can possibly be malnutritioned. Research showed that undernutrition can hinder children’s growth and development, and can even bring stunted growth and weaken the immune system. Moreover, undernourished newborn baby has a higher chance to develop autism, poor memory and concentration. On the other hand, underweight women are more likely than those of normal weight to have irregular menstrual cycle, chronic fatigue syndrome, and neck pain. In addition, they have a higher chance to give small babies and higher risk of miscarriage. Severely underweight can develop into health problems like osteoporosis, poor immunity, heart diseases, and depression etc.
If you are skinny though you do not have any health problems or bad habits as mentioned above, and your body condition is identified as normal after medical checkup; Appeton Weight Gain can be your best choice for restoring normal weight.
The Appeton Weight Gain formula is fortified with L-lysine, which effectively promotes weight gain for skinny people. The results of a research conducted in Japan showed that by giving a daily supplement containing 0.5g L-lysine to a group of children, the group with supplement recorded higher in the average height and weight than the group without supplement. Not limited to children, Appeton Weight Gain is also good to maintain muscle fitness of athletes.
Appeton Weight Gain is proved to be effective to enhance cell growth. It contains all the essential amino acids required by human body. Besides, it has a high value of PER and Bioavailability. PER refers to the Protein Efficiency Ratio, it is the measurement for the weight gaining capacity of protein intake. Studies showed that protein source which is high in L-lysine will register a higher PER value. And, Appeton Weight Gain has a PER value as high as 3.1.
Bioavailability is used to calculate the rate of cell growth upon the intake of protein. By comparison, the bioavailability of milk protein is 88, beef and chicken are only 80 and 79 respectively, while Appeton Weight Gain is 100!
To be a wise consumer, choose Appeton Weight Gain as your quality weight gain milk.
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